Your one-stop link shop for the SCOTUS ruling on human gene patents

This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that human genes cannot be patented. This decision has been heavily anticipated, so naturally, the Internet is going bonkers on both sides. This post is an ongoing collection of links I find interesting related to the lead up and to the final SCOTUS decision today, so it will be updated as we go. Disclaimer: I am a Canadian genetics/genomics graduate student, so I’m leaning mostly in favour of the SCOTUS decision right now but I do see some negative implications down the road, and am watching this from an international perspective. This decision sets a huge precedent, and it will be interesting to see the fallout of this decision.

Given that the SCOTUS decision was unanimous (are these things ever unanimous?), and most scientists I have spoken with see the ruling on patenting human genes as a positive, I’m curious to hear the other side, apart from the obvious loss of revenue for Myriad (shares fell 5.6% on Thursday alone). The cDNA ruling is not something I was aware was on the table in the first place. Do you think the cDNA ruling will eventually be overturned in court?

Here are the links, and I welcome your contributions in the comments section as well!

News Outlets


Twitter/Other Social Media

To be updated

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